Caps in aluminium for oil and vinegar

A high performance closure

Crafted to perfection

In Italy a considerable part of the economy is linked to agriculture, which for its vocation and thanks to the great variety of products is considered one of the most competitive in the world, but above all it is able to offer excellences that are impossible to find in other places.
At the top of the Made in Italy, next to the wine, there are very important products such as oil and vinegar. These, especially in recent years, have received a huge boost due to the growing demand from foreign markets for high-end products and rare and valuable productions. Prepare to be surprised
The first of these is to offer optimal storage and above all the possibility to avoid that both products can be somehow contaminated by external factors in the air, namely germs, bacteria and others.
It should also be made clear how this article is born with the aim of preventing both condiments from being wasted in some way.
With the classic caps, in fact, the small drops of product tend to be wasted and therefore you risk using a limited amount, but still present, in excess while using one of these two products.
The purpose of the capsules is to offer the opportunity to make the best use of the two products.


to be surprised

Packaging is crucial here, particularly when you want to offer your product of excellence to a market that is still looking for stability.
Using an aluminium bottle to hold the flask or the bottle is an investment that pays off over time, for a company that wants to be known.
More and more people are aiming at the selected purchase of local products and choosing aluminium capsules for oil and vinegar is the best solution to preserve the organoleptic characteristics, the unique detail of an oil, especially the one that is produced in more particular areas and that offers flavour notes and a composition to be studied and combined.
In recent years, vinegars have also seen a broadening of the admirers’ base and an increase in sales for the most distinctive productions of special grape varieties. In fact this product, after the growth in sales of balsamic vinegar, has regained considerable vitality, linked to the fact that, like the wine from which it is made, this condiment is also profoundly different.
Even the industries that for years were dedicated to the production of apple vinegar, which is notoriously less demanding than grape vinegar, have had to come to terms with the changing tastes of Italians and even foreign buyers and begin to offer a better bouquet, more differentiated and distinguishable from the masses.
This is another reason why, for many, the move to aluminium containers has been almost indispensable in order to ride the wave of high quality.
If for low profile production a dark bottle is sufficient, both for oil and vinegar, because these products are destined for casual and rapid consumption and therefore do not require long periods of rest in the pantry, for higher end products absolute protection of the product is indispensable.
Very often the combination that is chosen is a dark bottle, a large label to cover as much of the surface as possible and an aluminium foil protection.
However, choosing an unattractive solution such as wrapping the neck of the bottle in printed foil does not always pay off, because many people do not like it in terms of communication, and for non-experts it is little more than an attempt to bring the image of oil and vinegar closer to that of champagne.
Instead, a good producer has to communicate to his audience the extreme care and effort that goes into making his quality product and this is only done by using aluminium capsules for oil and vinegar, which can be made in many ways.


Available Measure



31.5 x 18

internal / external hooking vinegar pourer

31.5 x 24

internal / external hooking oil pourer radial oil pourer internal / external hooking cross pourer

31.5 x 44

internal / external hooking oil pourer cross pourer

31.5 x 50

internal / external hooking oil pourer cross pourer

31.5 x 60

internal / external hooking oil pourer cross pourer

35 x 24

internal / external hooking oil pourer radial oil pourer external coupling

How aluminum capsules for oil and vinegar are manufactured

Tipicamente si utilizza la lamiera piegata con il coperchio fustellato sul fondo e uno che si chiude a pressione o a vite, a seconda del gusto del committente, ma si possono trovare anche quelli esclusi dal singolo foglio di alluminio, sicuramente più costosi, perché richiedono una procedura un po' più complessa per la decorazione, ma di sicuro effetto.Questo per affrontare un mercato sempre più impegnativo, dove In molti casi è necessario spiccare e distinguersi fra prodotti della stessa fascia, farsi scegliere dagli amatori per la cura del minimo dettaglio, ma anche semplicemente per diventare un elemento decorativo in una collezione dove possono spiccare splendide capsule in alluminio per liquori.

Why are aluminium protectors used?

Alongside the presentation, the use of aluminum capsules for oil and vinegar allows you to avoid direct contact with the ultraviolet rays of sunlight, but also with the unwanted components of LED lighting that is increasingly widespread in the commercial sector.
Keep the bottle well protected and safe prevents oxidation and chemical alteration of the product, which then keeps longer. In addition, the metal shell itself avoids the risk of direct overheating of the liquid, thus transforming an object that is actually very beautiful as a presentation, especially if you place the product in a gift basket or promotional, but also an optimal solution for long-lasting storage of oil or vinegar in a sales environment.