Plastic caps for mineral water and soft drinks

A high performance closure

Crafted to perfection

The plastic caps for mineral water and soft drinks made by us are top quality products that, in addition to being subjected to a precise and accurate processing process, offer the opportunity to achieve several advantages. The plastic closures for the bottles, a safety system inevitable. The capsules designed by us have a very precise purpose, that is to make the contents of a bottle totally uncontaminated, avoiding that it can be in some way subjected to a process that alters the taste and quality. The exposure of a beverage in the open air, whether it is simple mineral water, or if you refer to other types of soft drinks such as carbonated and fruit juices, involves a process that damages the quality of the drink itself, making it less tasty and pleasant to drink, thus making its taste anything but pleasant. But not only: the contamination that takes place during this phase could lead to health complications: germs and bacteria that are ingested after drinking that drink can create problems in the intestine, to the stomach and other vital organs of the body. Just considering all these potential problems we have created a series of caps with top quality closures that have the task of making the content of a bottle always perfect to be consumed.


to be surprised

In addition to working on functionality and aesthetics, we only select high-quality materials with a dual purpose. These, in fact, must guarantee a high longevity, therefore a total protection of the beverage placed inside it, even if the bottle is used with a daily constancy. The same goes for the protection that must always be present: every part is worked so that you can be sure that the presence of this tool is not synonymous with potential contamination of the drink, thus making the capsule a fundamental element that will be used with greater confidence and conviction. For us it is essential to opt for a solution that can not only meet the needs of customers but, at the same time, that makes sure that a drink, especially water, can be perfectly stored. Therefore, every single capsule is analyzed by studying the different characteristics of the drinks and preventing that even a small substance can overcome the protection offered by the capsule and therefore can contaminate the drink Therefore our task is to give life to the tools that succeed in ensuring maximum safety and allow those who use the bottles, both made with plastic and other materials, to face a series of negative and heavy consequences to be faced.


Available Measure



TO 10

Capsule diam. 28 mm with three principles for still mineral waters

TO 15

Capsule diam. 28 mm with three principles for carbonated mineral waters

AL 45

Capsule diam. 28 mm type BPF / PCO

AL 50

Capsule diam. 28 mm type BPF / PCO

AL 70

Capsule diam. 28 mm type BPF / PCO

Protection and processing of plastic caps

The protection that must be provided to the drinks contained in the bottles is ensured by a process carried out with extreme care and effectiveness, precisely to guarantee those minimum parameters that offer the certainty of being able to enjoy a drink in an optimal condition.
In this case it is necessary to consider how every single capsule is processed taking into account the different details that distinguish the bottle.
This is to offer maximum precision even at this juncture, thus avoiding that the instrument in question cannot be exploited to the fullest and that the beverage is also contaminated, a situation that needs to be totally prevented.
Therefore, the processing that is carried out by us is characterized by being preceded by an accurate phase of study and design that allow to make the plastic capsule flawless.

The many types of caps we produce

Plastic caps for bottles, an inevitable safety system

For each bottle we produce a capsule that can adapt perfectly to the various needs of our customers. This is precisely to ensure a perfect result: for example, bottles with a long neck need a type of capsule that is characterized to be compatible with this model. Each type of capsule is designed taking into account the type of bottle on which it should be used. But not only for a practical reason: each bottle, depending on its aesthetic style, needs a capsule that allows you to increase the beauty of the same. So every version is made with extreme care considering this kind of feature, which allows you to create a series of capsules for bottles and other drinks all different from each other and completely original. The coloring, the shape and all the other technical characteristics are carefully studied to turn this article into a first-class tool that allows you to have a perfect bottle from every point of view and above all that offers protection total to the content of the same.