growing together

Why choose us?

We like to think that we are not simply suppliers but that we can consider ourselves a valid support for our customers. We offer solutions and provide the necessary technical assistance to optimize the use of high quality products and allow those who believe in us to protect their excellences, enhance them and export them worldwide.



for the work we do has always characterized our history and has been a pillar on which has been based the entire life of the company
from 1953 to today.


that has supported our commitment over the years, to become an essential element: our trademark.



understood not only as compliance with regulations but also as a constant search for improvement, has taken us a long way and is currently enabling us to satisfy even the most challeging requests.


matita gialla

which transforms a technical closure into a high quality product capable of preserving special contents and excellence, making them unique for those who produce them and those who buy them.


understood as the ability to offer quick solutions and customized supplies.

and seriousness

scudo giallo
that transforms a technical cap into a high quality product able to preserve special contents and excellence making them unique for those who produce them and those who buy them.