Alplast and the environment

Always attentive to our planet

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue, especially in business. Climate change continues to affect our lives and the fate of all the other species on the planet. For entrepreneurs, leaders and administrators, the sustainability of business practices is now a must. According to NASA, there is 95% probability that human activity is causing climate warming.
Industry has an important part to play in this process, consuming resources, fossil fuels and producing waste, and therefore it is precisely from this that change must start.

Our experience


Making companies more eco-sustainable is therefore a process that begins with the awareness of the importance of making changes, for the company itself but also and above all for the planet.
Alpast can be considered a virtuous model in terms of eco-sustainability, having implemented and continuing to implement policies aimed at protecting the environment. Among the numerous initiatives in which the company, in the persons of its representatives, has had the honor to participate there are:

  • project “Conservation of a Corporate Forest” (Arbio);
  • project to protect ten hectares of the Amazon forest, also from Arbio;

With the knowledge gained over decades of experience, let’s see what is meant by “eco-sustainability”, in the belief that only with proper information on the subject can really change things and make a difference.

What does "corporate Eco-Sustainability" mean?

Corporate sustainability is the practice of running a business without having a negative impact on the environment. A green company supports the environment, locally and globally. So it acts in the interests of the community and the economy, which depend strictly on the health of the planet. An eco-sustainable company goes beyond mere profits, considering the impact of its business on the world. If all companies in the world adopted an economic model that puts corporate sustainability at the top of the list of priorities, the positive effects on climate change would be incalculable. For this reason, we must insist on training and dissemination in the field of eco-sustainability, so that everyone understands the importance of adopting sustainable business models that operate in harmony with the world around us.