Closures for

A high performance closure

Closures for spreadable creams

Spreadable cream closures are one of the main areas of the plastics division. The division consists of different types of closures for spreads, food and beverage products. closures must meet sanitary requirements and be easy to use. They are made from different types of plastic, depending on the characteristics required by the Client.

Our company produces fasteners with high quality materials, ensuring product protection. By using high-quality materials for our closures, we are able to protect your items from the elements and ensure that they remain sealed tightly. Our commitment to quality ensures that our fasteners are strong and durable.

Production of cream spread closures

We are manufacturers of the highest quality food closures. Our caps are made from the best materials and are designed to keep food safe and preserved. We are proud to offer a variety of closures to meet your every need, we have the perfect option for you. Our closures are reliable and durable and help keep drinks and food fresh and delicious.

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