Over capsules for
wines and sparkling wines

A high performance closure

Over capsules for wines and sparkling wines for impeccable packaging

Agriculture in Italy plays a decisive role and offers a great variety of products that are appreciated in all parts of the world. There is no shortage of excellence, impossible to find in other places. At the top there are products such as wine, extra virgin olive oil and vinegar which, in order to be marketed in the best possible way and in a safe way, require specific elements, including overcaps, or high-performance closures that they are very successful due to their great functionality.


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As is known, nowadays, packaging represents a priority in order to present oil, vinegar and wine on the market in an impeccable way and to convey to the consumer the great commitment behind the production. Using the overcapsules, in particular, proves to be a good investment for all those companies that intend to make themselves known and fight the competition.

Compatible with bottles of oil, vinegar and wine, the over capsules are ideal for preserving the organoleptic characteristics, especially of those typical and niche products with which you can create and experiment with unusual gastronomic combinations. In this regard, just think of the vast range of vinegars that has interested more and more admirers. In addition to the well-known balsamic, there are in fact many other versions with an inimitable taste.

Here, therefore, that the transition to aluminum containers becomes inevitable to satisfy the needs of buyers and guarantee a high quality product. When it is necessary to market with a low profile, dark bottles are sufficient, so that the oil, wine and vinegar can be consumed in the short term. The question changes for high-end foods that require maximum protection.

A large label is not enough to cover the bottle as much as possible and an aluminum cap. These unattractive solutions are not recommended to make the public understand the extreme care behind the entire production process. Only with the overcaps can the packaging be state-of-the-art.


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Advantages of overcaps for wines and sparkling wines

Made in many ways and according to the needs of producers, the overcaps prevent the food from coming into direct contact with ultraviolet rays, but also with a whole series of unwanted components. In this way the bottle remains protected from oxidation and there is no chemical alteration of the content. Ultimately, the product can be stored longer. It must also be considered that the metal shell avoids overheating problems of the liquid. Oil, wine and vinegar will appear to consumers in a quite pleasant way. Each overcap also incorporates a special gasket to ensure a good seal and is also easy to dispose of. Ensuring the long conservation of wine, vinegar and oil therefore becomes possible thanks to these cutting-edge solutions developed by the Italian company Alplast Srl.