Caps in aluminium for mineral water and soft drinks

A high performance closure

Crafted to perfection

Aluminium caps, commonly identified as screw caps for glass bottles, are widely used, both in Italy and abroad, as they lend themselves to optimally preserving the quality of the liquids contained in them. Glass bottles, which include a closure with aluminum caps equipped with special gaskets totally adherent to their necks, in addition to maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of mineral waters and intact the ingredients of the drinks, including the components of carbonated wines, are also used for the storage of bottled wines that do not require any evolution. In New Zealand, for example, screw caps are used to seal both white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, as well as young and light red wines. In addition to the high-performance closure, the aluminum caps are extremely comfortable to close the bottles once opened.


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The size is standard: 28x16mm.


The caps used to close the glass bottles intended to contain mineral water and soft drinks are made of aluminum and equipped with a mastic seal.


The particularity of the aluminum capsules for mineral water and soft drinks produced by Alplast srl is linked to the presence of important cuts, functional to the proper disposal of glass by consumers.

Available Measure



28 X 16



Aluminum has a high functionality in relation to both the conservation of mineral water and soft drinks, both in terms of sustainability and recyclability. The caps made with this material, despite the small size, can be collected and recycled, separately or together with the collection of glass, with excellent performance. In addition to being considered avant-garde closures, aluminium caps are defined as sustainable closures because, in addition to properly preserving the contents of glass bottles, they are among those materials that can be endlessly recycled, without affecting their quality. In fact, the advantage of these caps is not only that they can be disposed of together with other fractions of packaging, but also together with the collection of glass. Furthermore, it must be considered that it is possible to extrapolate the aluminium in order to be able to recover it in full, even if the aluminium is not collected separately. In Italy, the percentage of recycling of aluminum screw caps is around 50%, while in other European countries, such as Germany, the share is 80%, but this depends on the type of infrastructure available for the collection and disposal of waste; the European nation with the lowest percentage (20%) is France.

The Producer Company

ALPAST currently has 219 employees and has an annual turnover of over 41 million euros.

In Italy, currently, one of the largest industrial companies producing aluminum capsules for mineral water and soft drinks is ALPLAST srl, founded by the Goria family, in Turin, in 1953.
At the time ALPLAST srl was known as the Capsule company, precisely because the production was focused exclusively on aluminium capsules for the wine and liqueur market.
In 1960 the company was expanded with the production of plastic capsules, as a result of which there was a high demand for the opening of two different plants: For the plastic ones, the new factory in Tigliole d’Asti was entirely dedicated, while the production of aluminium capsules was kept in Turin.
The name ALPLAST comes from the union of the initials of the materials used for the production of these very useful capsules: AL = aluminum – PLAST: plastic.
In 1987, thanks to the continuous growth of the demand for aluminium capsules and the company orientation, always aimed at the search for innovation, they opened a plant in the province of Lecco (Oggiono) for the lithographic printing of aluminium plates.
While maintaining the characteristics of a family business.