Caps in aluminium for liqueurs

A high performance closure

Crafted to perfection

Liquor is a sector that requires extremely particular care, because its public very often has sophisticated tastes and searches for recipes that are not accessible to everyone. Anyone, in fact, can go to the supermarket and easily buy a cheap product and pay low prices, but it is a different market than the one that deserves your proposal.
If what you intend to propose is care, excellence and detail, packaging becomes fundamental. A simple smooth bottle is not enough, although of course in many cases it is an excellent solution to communicate to the public how the product is already perfect by itself, as it is.
Offering the market a well-finished bottle with an excellent product inside well-worked aluminum capsules for liqueurs that guarantee the right protection from ultraviolet rays and prying eyes is an idea that pays off.
The basic idea is that when you buy a liqueur, especially if it is a production that is not accessible to the general public or that in any case must convey this type of idea, protective and elegant packaging is everything.
It can be a gift that you give yourself, or that it is offered to a loved one, who seeing a rare product of noble origins delivered and which is also well protected in an aluminum bottle receives a very positive feeling.


to be surprised


The size is standard: 28x16mm.


The caps used to close the glass bottles intended to contain mineral water and soft drinks are made of aluminum and equipped with a mastic seal.


The particularity of the aluminum capsules for mineral water and soft drinks produced by Alplast srl is linked to the presence of important cuts, functional to the proper disposal of glass by consumers.

Available Measure



18 x 12


20 x 12


22X 25


25 X 17


25 X 43


28 X 18


28 X 22


28 X 38


28 X 44


30 X 35


30 X 44


30 X 50/55/60


31.5 X 18


31.5 X 24

epe / vinegar pourer / INVIOLABLE POURER

31.5 X 38/40/44


31.5 X 50/55/60


How aluminum capsules for liqueurs are manufactured

There are two basic techniques. The first, which is the most exclusive one, involves taking a thin sheet of aluminum and deforming it with a strong pressure from a large punch that modifies it until it becomes a cylinder.
In general, this is a rather expensive solution, with a sure impact but which has the big defect of making decoration very difficult. In fact, if you choose this type of aluminum capsules for liqueurs, you will almost certainly find yourself forced to accept an enamel surface coloring or a laser satin finish instead of punching.
Except for specific cases, bas-relief processing is complex and rarely available, if not spending much more per single piece, due to the techniques to be used and the settings of the machine.
The other solution instead involves using a simple punched aluminum sheet to obtain a bas-relief with your brand, a very important element because tactile communication is everything.
The sheet will then be curved and closed on a sheet metal circle for the bottom. The cap of the aluminum capsules for liqueurs is prepared separately. In most cases the lid is pressure mounted, but you can also choose the screw version, certainly very intriguing to use for this type of packaging.

Why choose aluminum capsules for liqueurs

Opting for a classy presentation is important because it communicates to the audience how much care has gone into your product. It is a great approach for exhibitors who have a product to put in the spotlight and make it stand out among the other bottles, whether in the living room or at the bar. In fact, the presentation of the protected bottle inside the aluminum bottle also conveys to the public a certain desire to experience and discover the product inside, to want to ask what its distinguishing features are, since it is in any case both an additional detail, which at least in the public imagination is intended only for worthy or high-end products. In reality, for any manufacturer, the cost of aluminum liquor capsules is only an investment that modestly affects the final price on the selling price, thus making the solution twice as convenient.