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Protecting food from spoilage is a fundamental goal that should be carefully researched every day. If food is spoiled, in fact, it runs the risk of increasing food waste, while also producing high amounts of waste that cannot always be disposed of by local ecological systems.


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Caps for miscellaneous foods exist in different shapes, sizes and characteristics. Some of these caps, for example, are simply made of plastic and can effectively join the flaps of a plastic bag, protecting its contents. However, various food closures also include caps. A brilliant example are bottle stoppers, often made of cork. In the specific case of wine (but also for other ‘delicate’ liquids such as extra virgin olive oil) the purpose of the cork is twofold, as it not only prevents altering substances (such as oxygen) from coming into contact with the product, but also ensures that the typical aromas of the drink are not dispersed and therefore permanently lost.


Available Measure

Items available

Plastic screw caps with or without disk


Aroma saver

Sparkling wine corks

Various dispensers

Screw caps diam. 38 mm for milk and soft drinks

The industry

The industry dedicated to the production of food closures is thriving and constantly seeking innovations. In fact, the latest frontier in food closure manufacturing involves the use of environmentally sustainable materials that are not only produced from recycled raw materials, but more importantly that do not violently impact the environment.