Alutop - oil version
extra virgin

New special closure for spirits with system ANTI-TOPPING

Crafted to perfection

“Alutop” is the ideal closure for glass bottles with GME 30.31 mouthpiece.
It consists of a casing made of aluminum on the outside, while the inside is made of plastic.
It is applied by pressure and is provided with a guarantee seal placed inside the aluminum casing and that comes out only when the first opening takes place. Once the bottle is closed again, the seal remains on the outside of the lower aluminium part. This allows the consumer to understand that the bottle has been opened.


to be surprised

The peculiarity of our product consists in the fact that, once the bottle is opened and then closed with our seal, the initial hermeticity is guaranteed because all the sealing parts come back into contact with each other. This exclusive feature of our product is certified by the patent.
We can proudly say, therefore, that the closure “Alutop” has no equal.
Another special feature of our stoppers is that they are equipped with an “anti-rabble” system. This distinctive mark provides security against refilling. In addition, the non-drip pourer allows you to pour the liquid from the bottle without any drop falling on the neck of the same.


Available Measure


32.5 X 46.3

ALUTOP CLOSURE - extra virgin olive oil version

As already mentioned, the “Alutop” closure is made of aluminum and plastic, two choices aimed at achieving the final goal.
From a sustainability point of view, aluminum capsules, in addition to perfectly preserving the contents of the bottles on which they are applied, are part of those materials that can be recycled over and over again. Furthermore, disposal can take place together with the collection of the glass.
The use of plastic is done after a careful evaluation that allows for an excellent end result. The goal is to preserve the liquid contained in the bottle to which the cap will be applied.
Every single capsule we produce goes through a rigorous process that not only considers the practical factors of use but also takes into account aesthetics. Shapes and colors are details that are not left to chance. Our intent is not only to guarantee the final consumer the certainty that the liquid contained in the bottle purchased is perfect and uncontaminated. We also want to offer a beautiful product to look at.
We put the maximum effort to create an article that has all the credentials to impress and satisfy any type of customer, even the most demanding.