The study was developed to improve the quality of the final product as requested by the customer.

These items are made with multi-cavity molds with high production capacity, for the realization of the details 80% pure material + 20% regenerated material is used, in the regenerated material there are sometimes impurities that can temporarily occlude the hole d ” injection of one or more mold cavities, in this phase parts with incomplete shape (missing) and parts with excess material (burrs) are produced, this can happen even for a limited number of moldings after which the impurity succeeds to be expelled and the process is regularized again, not having the certainty that the operator intercepts 100% of these defects, a study was made of an equipment that could control the entire production.


In the research process we had to identify and create equipment that intercepted both incomplete pieces and pieces with excess material.

We therefore thought that by conveying the pieces inside a centrifugal orientator and making it rotate quickly we could carry out the inspection operation of the pieces.

A first prototype sorter was created, where on the circular wall, at the height of the rotation plane is

a slot was made with a height of about 1 mm less than the total height of the piece, in this case, there were some incomplete pieces (therefore with a height less than at least 1 mm than the compliant one) by means of the centrifugal force they would be expelled to the exterior of the orientator.

As for the pieces with excess material, a forced linear channel has been created, outside the centrifugal orientator, with a passage size 1 mm beyond the maximum diameter of the piece, again thanks to the centrifugal force the pieces are conveyed into the channel linear and those having the outer diameter dimension over 1 mm of the linear channel dimension lock inside the orientator.

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