One of our important customers asked us to present a project to modify a closure currently in use (35×18 aluminum capsule with spice dispenser), with one having the same aesthetic characteristics but which allows the consumer to extract the plastic dispenser that remains inside. inside the glass when the product has finished, this to differentiate the two pieces without the aid of tools that could harm the consumer’s health (tips, knives or other).

Since this is a capsule with a guarantee seal obtained on the aluminum body, it is not necessary to have a guarantee seal also on the plastic insert inside it, so to satisfy the customer’s requests we have decided to design a piece with the same shape of the current dispenser but with different functional characteristics.

In practice, the dispenser will have an external crown consisting of two semi-circles connected to the central pourer by two bridges of one millimeter and a “joist” of about five millimeters, the latter in addition to connecting the two semi-circles to the central pourer, separates them one from the other.

When the pourer has to be extracted from the glass, the consumer will have to lift the two half circles by breaking the two one-millimeter bridges and keeping the two half-circles facing upwards, he will have to exert a traction that will allow the doser to be extracted from the glass container.


The fundamental element of novelty is the possibility of totally and easily separating the container (glass) from the dispenser (plastic) at the end of use without the aid of tools that can compromise the health of the consumer.

The capsule remains perfectly the same as the previous one in its external form and also internally maintains the same functions as a spice dispenser. The possibility of extracting the dispenser from the glass at the end of use makes it possible to make the recyclability of the container completely manageable.

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