Project started at the request of one of our customers to whom we supply container and capsule made with std polymers.

The project envisages the replacement of current polymers with bioplastic materials to have a lower impact on environmental pollution.

We did a thorough research with our raw material suppliers to understand who had already developed this type of material.

When we identified the material that could be suitable for a first test we requested a sampling of both the raw material and the black master without carbon black.

The goal is to obtain the same product made with plastic polymers using bioplastics, the product must have the same mechanical and organoleptic characteristics of the standard product.


The novelty is to introduce on the market a consumer product made entirely with bioplastics with a low ecological / environmental impact

The details to be made with these materials will be two, a container and a capsule, the container which is equivalent to eighty% of the total weight as well as the base material will also have a black master without carbon black therefore totally eco-sustainable.

We are not aware of any similar details on the market


Since these materials have an organic base of a different nature from those normally in use, they will certainly require machine adjustments different from the current ones and certainly mechanical interventions on the molds to correctly size the pieces on the basis of the already existing technical data sheets of the molded parts.

Another obstacle that could intervene with the project is the release of flavors that can alter that of the product, on this will have to be carried out in-depth tests because the quantity of product present inside the container is small and therefore there is a lot of product in contact with the container, therefore the release of any taste particles must be zero


Project requested by one of our primary customers (Distillerie F.lli Branca di Milano).

The financial risks related to the project refer to the cost of personnel dedicated to its development.


The project can be replicated on other products with the same raw materials and making the necessary adjustments to the machine adjustments and to the dimensions of the mold details.


May 2019 first contact with the customer where we were asked to evaluate if there was the possibility of making a product by them in use with bioplastics instead of the material currently in use.

June 2019 Search for the potential supplier of the material to be tested and developed.

October 2019 Request to the supplier for a sample of material October / November 2019 Molding tests

November 2019 Further molding tests with dimensional checks

November 2019 Organoleptic tests internal to our laboratories to identify if the material released tastes or not and liquid tightness tests

January 2020 submitted to the customer the samples February the customer asks to make the lid more rigid to improve the performance of the product

January 2020 requested new material sampling from the supplier.


The project has given a positive outcome, it is still in progress as we are looking for a further material that has more resistant mechanical characteristics for the realization of the lid.

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