LINE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF CPASULES 31.5 x 50 – 30 x60 – 32.5 X 47 – 30 x 55


This activity includes: the complete rewamping of a 70 ton swan neck inclined press. which has been decommissioned, design and construction of the mold of the first drawing to be mounted on this press, the construction of the second 70 ton vertical press. and construction of the mold for elongating the capsules to the desired size.

The project involves making the first barrel with dimensions 39.50×42 mm in a single stroke instead of with two elongations, in this way a complete machine plus mold is avoided, the second step involves the total construction of the press and the mold, both the press that the mold will be built by external firms.


The project is innovative in that it allows the creation of “long” capsules using only two systems instead of three with a reduction in investment costs and a reduction in management costs.

The first press, after being modified, will house the sheets to be sheared and make the first barrel 39.5×42 while the second press will receive the barrels from the first press and stretch them to the desired final size.

The solutions on the market today all provide three extensions.

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