The customer asked us to make a capsule aesthetically as similar as possible to the current one but that once the product contained inside the glass has been consumed, there is the possibility of separating the plastic of the capsule from the glass of the container.

To achieve this we thought of designing a capsule with internal thread in this case also the glass should be completely redesigned and redone.

When we presented this project to the client, a series of doubts and obstacles arose that prevented its realization, so we had to modify the project.

The goal requested by the customer is to have the possibility to separate the two pieces that make up the container once the product has been consumed, not to modify the current glass and not to modify the packaging machine that applies the capsule to the glass, we have therefore modified the initial idea fillet with the possibility of dividing the dispenser in two when necessary.


The fundamental new element is the possibility to completely and easily separate the container (glass) from the capsule (plastic) at the end of use.

The capsule is practically identical to the previous one for 95% of its external shape, only in two points it is possible to notice the weakening useful for tearing and therefore making the container completely manageable for recyclability.

The consumer has the possibility of separating the two components (container and capsule) simply by pulling the capsule lid through, with this operation the capsule becomes two pieces and can be easily removed from the glass.

There are no similar solutions for these products on the market.

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