CAPSULE 89.5 x 19.5


The product is a pre-threaded capsule that must hermetically close a glass container with a cosmetic cream inside.

A wooden overcap must be applied to the plastic capsule, once screwed onto the glass container, which will be glued with hot glue on the roof of the plastic capsule.

The plastic capsule was requested by the customer with a plastic disk inside suitable to hermetically close the container and at the same time it must ensure that the materials that come into contact with the product do not alter its qualities, compared to this we thought we would also present an alternative with a capsule having a sealing tang instead of a sealing disk, but the customer indicated to start with capsule plus disk.


The capsule itself could be similar to others but in consideration of the fact that it must be coupled with a wooden overcap, it has been specially designed.

The choice of material: we focused on two possibilities, Polypropylene or ABS, we focused on this second material because, having to make the mold with unscrewing male to ensure not to deform the shape of the threads, we chose the hardest and least deformable material to allow a good coupling with the wooden overcap.

The capsule externally presents on the circumference, starting at 1.5 mm from the base of the capsule, twenty triangular-shaped pointed teeth with a depth of 0.70 mm then rising to five mm from the head plane these teeth have a greater inclination and range from 0.70 mm to 0.00 mm

These indentations have a diameter that interferes with the internal diameter of the wooden overcap, this was designed to give greater guarantees of anchoring between the two pieces.

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