New product – Alutop for oil

for oil

New special closure for oil with system


  • Closure applicable on GLASS bottles with GME 30.31 mouthpiece
  • It is applied by pressure.
  • Composed externally of an aluminum casing, internally the structure is in plastic material.

The closure is equipped with a guarantee seal positioned inside the aluminum casing that comes out only at the moment of the first opening, when the bottle is closed the seal remains in evidence on the outside of the lower aluminum part, giving the consumer the irrefutable proof that the bottle has already been opened.

  • A peculiarity of our product is that after reclosing it guarantees maximum initial tightness as all the sealing parts come back into contact with each other, this patented feature makes our product unique in its kind.
  • The closure is also equipped with an ANTI-TOPPING system which guarantees safety against topping up in addition to the non-drip pourer which allows the liquid to be poured from the bottle, preventing the liquid from dripping onto the neck of the same.

It is available in the following sizes:

  • 32.5 X 46.3

You can choose whether to add the internal sphere.

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