New product – Closure 31.5 x 24.6 for anti-topping oil

Closure 31.5 x 24.6 for oil


Closure created to comply with current regulations in terms of security against fraud and topping up consisting of 4 pieces:
aluminum capsule
The ANTI-TOPPING closure does not allow to change the contents of the bottle or to fill it when empty, for two reasons that certify its compliance with the legal requirements:
thanks to the pourer firmly tied to the neck of the bottle, any attempt to remove it will cause it to break;
the particular conformation of the pourer, with the addition of a sphere inside, precludes any attempt to top up.

The certification, issued by the company ELASrl, is available for viewing:

The 31.5 x 24.6 ANTI-TOPPING oil closure is suitable for std bottles with internal coupling with UNI 10155 mouth, offers all the advantages of the other closures already designed for the olive oil sector: ease of opening and reclosing, drip cut system suitable for the viscosity of the oil and various graphic customization solutions.

It is available in the following size:

  • 31.5 x 24.6

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